Our consultants build out your initial planner for you, saving you time and getting it ready to go.


We provide basic and advanced training, it is up to you to tell us what works best for you and your business.


Integrating Visual Planning with other solutions makes it stronger and faster and our team are here to help you.


We are often asked why we provide consultancy, 'it is just some software'. Well, in spite of the simple looking exterior, it has a complex side to it, which is best setup and configured by our highly trained consultants.

Yes, of course, you could do it yourself, but it is unlikely that you would do it faster, or for less cost, than if we did it for you and then you know it has been setup right, from the start.

The other advantage is that if you ever need our help, with further developments or changes, we will know and understand your configuration, making it much easier to sort out.

We also insist on a 'Specification Meeting', be it on-line or on-site. This ensures that we 'understand' how all of your 'elements' or 'resources' fit together.

How this initial build is configured can have a serious impact later, although we try to minimise any risk, based on our considerable experience of planner building.

We have built out lots of planners now and are getting pretty good at it, even though I say so myself.

We've built out single site and multi-site solutions, planners for all different sectors and for many different reasons, yet they all have similarities and all use the same underlying tool to build them.

You get access to the same tools and toolkit that we do, but we have the advantage of lots of training and the experience of playing with lots of planner, teaching us what works well and what is less effective.


For many companies, especially for those who enjoy the 'techie' side of software, we run Advanced Training Sessions.

In these sessions, we often cover filters, reports, user right and basic configuration information. These, typically, allow you to be independent of us, except for material changes.

Believe it or not, this is our preferred route, even though it probably earns us less, we want you to be happy with the software and know-how to look after it yourself.



Although I don't like calling it that, it is a good description of 'Day One' training. We cover the basics and let you get 'hands-on'.

Although we only cover the core commands, it usually takes a full day to go through everything (sometimes more, but very rarely).

We cover all the controls, all the views, workspaces and how to manoeuvre around the software. As the same controls work in multiple views, it should be quite quick, but rarely is, so we allow a full day.

You can 'train the trainer' and you can have a handful of people at each event. We strongly suggest at least one person attends both the Spec Meeting and all the training sessions and that this person becomes a Super User. They may also be your Admin.


You don't need to integrate Visual Planning with anything else, but it can make it highly effective. Integration removes the 'repeat' elements and duplication or double-entry often leads to errors.

Visual Planning can both import and export data and works well with csv files, excel files or with any of the leading databases, typically SQL.

This means that we can bring in orders, jobs, staff information, or anything else. We can bring it in once, or every so often. We can also bring it in based on actions, or triggers caused by other software.

In other words, it is pretty powerful and our API means that we can offer a huge degree of flexibility and control in a wide variety of circumstances.

ERP, MRP, SAP, Oracle, SQL, csv and Excel.

That covers most scenarios, let us know what we have missed and we'll be happy to talk you through what we can do.

Oh, don't forget the RESTFUL API. That should complete the set.


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