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Modern accountancy practices need to handle a lot of work.

Some is repeated weekly and monthly, so this

needs to be managed and scheduled ... effectively.

Do You Like To Know What Is Going On?

Visual Planning helps you to 'see' what is going on. Who is doing what and when and on which client accounts they are working on.

It allows you to plan work and schedule who will perform it.

But then, it allows them to change the status of the work and note the actual hours taken to perform the work, thus keeping you up to date with profit and loss for each client and overall.

Information is easily shared between a team or specifically allocated to an individual.

The Usual Issues

Having worked with several accountancy firms, we noted that the main issue related to transparancy, communication and data logging.

The last one required a bit of thought from our consultants, but we finally came up with an answer. For normal work, there is no problem, such as tax returns, or annual accounts. The issue came when trying to 'split' an hour across multiple accounts for weekly payroll and construction workers payment calculations.

Often times can simply be split between all of the accounts, but sometimes one, or more, accounts require that bit longer. Solving this problem and allowing for specific allocations based on actual time mean we can now manage this scenario too.

Managing a team, without micro management has been the key benefit for our practice.

Simon F. (Practice Manager)

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