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Staff Scheduling

And Timesheet Management

Be it Learning and Development, Shop Floor, or Office Based,

there are some things that always need managing ...

STAFF (or partners, or employees, or engineers, etc.)

HR And Planning

Who is doing what? When are they doing it?

Who is paying for it? (Be it client or department).

Who cares?

Well, if your wage bill is high, someone needs to care. Someone needs to take note of costs, allocations, income to cover costs, etc.

We have resolved this conundrum, by allowing one set of data to be used for different purposes. Say John does 2 hours work (or 2 days, or 2 months) for Client A, on Project 7. Let's say he was doing Activity Y and reported to Sarah in Projects.

Using Visual Planning, you can report on hours by client, job, dept, activity, etc. Cut it in any way you want. Across any resource you like. Create timesheets, costing sheets, profit analysis, holiday/sickness reports, etc.

Just enter in what each employee does, into the planning and scheduling, then store actuals and it is all there for you.

Free Timesheets and more ...

By storing all the 'activities' of staff, you automatically get their timesheets, ready to export into your accounts package or for analysis or checking.

Check holidays, sickness, skills, training requirements, etc. Authorise holidays (after checking workloads and capacity planning), send joining instructions, get responses automatically updated from emails, etc.

We help run the employee training and learning development for Govia Thameslink, Southeastern Trains and GWR. That cover a huge number of employees, tens of thousands. Visual Planning helps to organise all of their records and keeps them easy to manage and control.

What I appreciate most in this tool is reliability, the power of information sharing capabilities, security and mobility.

- Anita G. (Director of Operations)

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