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Fleet Management

Transport is crucial to all business, be it on-site or between sites.

Transport Management is therefore a key element for

all businesses, yet it is often an 'after thought'.

From Cars, To Vans, To Trains

Visual Planning looks after fleets of any size, from a few to 100,000. We help companies like EDF to co-ordinate all of their vehicles throughout all of France to Eurostar.

It may be just recording where they are, who has them on hire/rent/or for the day. It may be checking mileages, arranging maintenance or creating route plans for staff.

We include vehicles, of any type or size, within our planners and allow this information to form part of wider planning and scheduling activities. In other words, we are not seeing 'transport' on its' own, but as part of the bigger picture.

What we don't do ... we don't do telematics. But, we can link to external data sources, so we can associate data from other systems to a vehicle, or person.

Vehicles From Space

Viewing vehicles on their own, without any association with what they are being used for, how long they are being used, who they are being used by, maybe missing some vital opportunities for resource management and optimisation.

Working with EDF Energy in France has revealed some major options for significant cost savings over a massive fleet of vehicles. Such analysis is not only cutting down on wasted journeys, but also on major running costs.

If you would like to find out more about how you too can save money, operate more efficiently or simply know what is going on, then contact us and we'll be glad to talk.

Easy to use, it ensures rapid ownership without heavy training.

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