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Production And Manufacturing

If you are manufacturing or running a production line, then you will likely have multiple resources to manage, all competing with each other ...

Clients/Jobs, Machines, Staff, Materials ...

Ring a bell?

Jobs, Machines, Staff.

No matter whether you call them Works Orders or Jobs, this is usually where Production and Manufacturing begins. It may be raised in an EPR or MRP system, or it may be from a spreadsheet or even a paper based system.

What matters, is that it needs to get into VP, to allow you to see it, manage it and control it. You then need to understand the process of allocating it to a machine, area, building even and then adding in other resources, as required, such as staff, etc.

The ability to 'see' all of this is what makes VP so powerful. It removes information you don't need, from sight, but not from the records, allowing you to focus on what matters and doing your job.

What we can offer you

Being able to import and export data means that you can use VP to manage the data provided from other sources and then return it once all the 'management' has been done.

You can see the data in a format that works for you, share it with others and restrict who can see, edit, change, add and delete data. You can also see it anywhere and on any device, subject to having suitable network access.

We work with food manufacturers, plastics companies, timber companies and many others. All have unique issues, but surprisingly, they all look remarkably familiar to us.

We see a productivity gain of about 40% of time for the management of subcontractors.

Florence I. (Production Manager)

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Want a free demo?

No problem. Give us a call and we'll sort it out for you. We'll take all the 'up front risk' of building a demo for you. You talk us through your requirements and we'll build a demo to match this, at our expense!

We'll then run through the demo with you, on-line and you can try it out for yourself and with your team.

You may be thinking "What's the catch?". There's isn't one,

We believe strongly enough that our software will "win you over". If you progress to purchase from us, then the time spent on building your 'tailored demo' is wrapped up into your total configuration hours. However, if you decide that Visual Planning isn't for you, that's OK! We simply walk away and hope to hear from you in the future.

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