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Project Management

If you are running projects, then Visual Planning will make your life a lot easier.

It will let you see what is going on and manage all of your resources effectively.

HR, IT, Construction, Manufacturing, Assets.

Paper, Whiteboard or Spreadsheets

We understand why these options remain in place in so many businesses, in fact in nearly 70% of UK businesses. They are low cost. They are to hand. We know them.

But, are they up to the job?

Typically, a business has multiple 'things' to manage. Let's say clients, jobs, activities (things to do), staff and maybe stages of work or statuses of work.

If you have 3 or more, then any of the above will be a struggle. Let's test this theory ...

- Try changing the period you review, from days, to weeks, to months

- Try allocating 5 jobs to 1 person for next week, with each job taking 8 hour, but you don't care when they do them, but 2 need to be done by Wednesday.

- Try reviewing what you did last year, by client, activity or staff

- Try 'flipping' all your data to view it be clients, or jobs, or staff

Could you do all of that at the click of a mouse?

If not, then you are not truly in control of your data, which means

Trello Boards & Gannt Charts

I watched a video recently of 'an expert' showing how she plans her year. She apologised at the start of the video because Rymans was shut, so she couldn't buy her 'Year Planner'. I stopped the video.

Gannt Charts are great, but only provide one perspective on a Project. Failing to see work from multiple perspectives can easily leas to oversight of key data or recognition of capacity issues elsewhere in the business.

Being able to 'see' into the future, to plan ahead, to manage resources today as well as tomorrow is the key to Project Planning. That is what we deliver, time and time again, with Visual Planning.

Easy to use, it ensures rapid ownership without heavy training.

Marc G. (Project Manager)

Remember : If you weren't currently struggling

You Wouldn't Have Been Looking For Solutions.

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You may be thinking "What's the catch?". There's isn't one,

We believe strongly enough that our software will "win you over". If you progress to purchase from us, then the time spent on building your 'tailored demo' is wrapped up into your total configuration hours. However, if you decide that Visual Planning isn't for you, that's OK! We simply walk away and hope to hear from you in the future.

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