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Visual Planning

Who We Work With ...

We operate in multiple sectors, all with the same problem.

How to manage multiple resources effectively and efficiently.

How to reduce low level communication and increase visibility.

HR, IT, Construction, Production and Manufacturing,

Fleet Management, Accountancy or Asset Management.

Project Management

VP works for Works Orders, Machines and Staff, allowing you to see Capacity Planning and optimise all of your resources.

Production and Manufacturing

VP works for Works Orders, Machines and Staff, allowing you to see Capacity Planning and optimise all of your resources.


The Construction Sector holds massive potential for VP, as many of our clients in the UK and Europe have discovered.

Employee Scheduling

Managing the schedules of employees, their skills, their training, their holidays and sickness means holding a lot of data, some of which needs to be carefully controlled. VP provides a simple tool to allow this to take place.

Fleet Management

Whether you are looking after 5 or 500 vehicles, VP can help you to see where all your assets are, who is responsible for them. We have clients running up to 100,000 vehicles daily using VP, so we've got you covered.


Allocate tasks to multiple accountants for multiple clients. Manage their time and collect their actuals to generate reports for people and clients, instantly.

Commonality in Difference

Even though all the above sectors appear to be totally different, they tend to have more in common than is first apparent.

For a start, they all look after multiple 'things' or resources. That alone tends to be enough to require a dedicated tool or solution, as spreadsheets simply cannot manage more than 2 resources, or 3 with pivot tables. Even then, they do it so poorly, that there is simply no comparison to a dedicated system, running on a database back end, be it SQL, SAP, Dynamics, or Oracle.

It is at this level where savings can be made the fastest and offer the most value to the client, by reducing low level communications, whilst increasing visibility and by allowing optimum efficiency to be a realistic goal.

We are now more than satisfied with the tool and its modularity and are being deployed on other activities.

Larry W. (Project Manager)

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